Apple tv locks up while updating being desperate dating

In the end, cleaning up and following brew doctors advice made it possible to run through the setup described above. I copied the entire lampp folder from /opt to a new server.So a note to anyone else passing by; don't try to cheat the brew doctor and think you know better! When I tried to start up mysql I got a message: The server quit without updating PID file.Go to lampp/var/ and do chown -R mysql mysql/ That worked for me!The solution that worked for me was here: Changing some of my permissions seemed to do the trick.

Of course, you can just ignore the pop-ups and nothing seems to change, though if you don’t login to the Apple ID then your device won’t be backing up to i Cloud and you’ll see a “last backup could not be completed” error message until the issue is resolved.We had to add a "NO LOCK" to our SELECT statement, because it was a huge SELECT on a table that is used a lot by a lot of users at the same time and we had LOCKS all the time. Update tbl set x = (select max(y) from tbl) where z = (select min(a) from tbl).If you have a concurrent select z from tbl well the other selects aren't blocking it, but the update is.At my work, we have a very big system that runs on many PCs at the same time, with very big tables with hundreds of thousands of rows, and sometimes many millions of rows.When you make a SELECT on a very big table, let's say you want to know every transaction a user has made in the past 10 years, and the primary key of the table is not built in an efficient way, the query might take several minutes to run.

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[mysqld] port = 3306 socket = /tmp/skip-external-locking key_buffer_size = 16K pid-file=/var/run/mysqld/[mysqld_safe] log-error=/var/log/pid-file=/var/run/mysqld/I tried following these instructions a million times but never got it to work.

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